Saturday 14 March 2009

Not getting things done

This week seems to have passed by and I haven't really done anything, much like our sweet peppers. I'm not sure what their germination time is supposed to be but everything else we planted a few weeks back is thriving. The sweet pepper seeds are remaining snugly hidden under the soil, showing no signs of popping up to say hello. I may have to plant the seeds I have saved for next year.

Unlike the sweet peppers I did make an attempt at growing this week; in so far as I opened the garage door to look for glass jars and quickly closed it again when I realised that I would be facing an almightly and possibly life threatening obstacle course to reach them. One wrong step and a garden fork might have plunged into my chest.

A few weeks back, in order to make room for our greenhouse, we sacrificed our shed, giving it a new home through freecycle. The garden tools, plant pots, pieces of wood and children's garden toys found themselves hastily placed in the middle of the garage. Needless to say I did what any Garden Mum would do in this situation; I wrote a note on Garden Dad's task list for the weekend saying 'Tidy Garage', put the kettle on and had a brew.

I am pleased to say that Garden Dad was out there today putting up shelves, throwing out useless rubbish and making a safe path through to the glass jars. When he has finished washing up tonight I'll let him have a beer - he deserves it. And next week my little garden helpers will get started on the sprouting and I'll treat Garden Dad to a healthy feast.

Oh and I haven't forgotton 'Our Garden; a history'. It's on its way', I just wanted to locate some pictures showing the then and now. I can ramble a bit but pictures are to the point!


  1. It only took one note to get him to tidy the shed? What note paper do you use? Surely something a lot more persuasive than a post it. The mind boggles GM! MH

  2. Hello Millennium Housewife
    I have installed a white board in the kitchen with a list of tasks to do. Most of them linger there a long time but this particular task came with the added incentive of Garden Dad being able to access his home brew, also at the back of the garage. No magic note paper I'm afraid - just beer!