Thursday 5 March 2009

Cold Concern

Following the excitement of sowing the first seeds I am now starting to worry whether I am looking after them well enough; are they getting enough water, are they warm enough? It is like being a new parent all over again. But really, it is cold out there at the moment and I am not sure our unheated greenhouse is sufficiently warm at night to nurture these young seeds now that Jack Frost has decided to visit again. I wonder whether perhaps I got carried away with all the excitement I experienced when those seeds packets arrived on my doorstep. Should I have waited a little longer?

I don't like worrying much though so I have come up with a solution. I might be a little barmy but I have decided to temporarily convert our loft into a mini greenhouse - that being I will put a table in front of the window where I can sit my seed trays in the warm and light until the mild weather returns. Garden Girl is a little disappointed as she likes to go inside the greenhouse so much but she wants the plants to grow and seemed satisfied when I answered that yes, she could keep spraying them with the sprayer, even inside. Garden Boy however has been told that under no circumstances can he redistribute the soil around the house; that job truly is only for the greenhouse!

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