Monday 30 March 2009

A jolly afternoon out

We took a trip to the garden centre on Friday. We often do this just for a day out. It really is a great place to go with the children. The Little Garden Helpers enjoy looking at all the plants and flowers in an array of colours and sizes. The stone sculptures, in the shape of all sorts of animals, thrill Garden Girl and there is huge excitement if we take the time to try out the garden benches. If the weather has been nice enough to walk there the cafe provides an opportunity to rejuvenate before the return trip home; and then there are the fish. We really can spend a whole afternoon at the garden centre, or day if we have walked.

On Friday all I really wanted were some cabbage collars but they were out of stock. So how did I manage to spend a huge amount of money? Pots, Pots and Pots and mulch. I picked up some large pots for growing courgettes and squash as well as letting Garden Girl choose her very own pot. No surprises that she chose a blue one. A very nice gentleman helped push the bags of mulch and large pots to our car and we went to say hello to the fish. Garden Girl was concerned about one particular fish which had been placed in quarantine on our last visit; she was happy to see it now had friends to swim with. All in all a jolly afternoon out.

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