Sunday 22 August 2010

Plaiting Garlic

We are back from a week camping in Norfolk and I have spent the day unpacking and washing while Garden Dad spent the day tidying up the garage so we could put our camping equipment away and still access all the garden bits and pieces we need. While tidying up he came across the garlic we harvested before we went away so Garden Girl helped me plait them. The garlic, by now is almost dry so was easy to plait. We also plaited a piece of string into each bunch to hold them together when we start cutting some out to eat. They will now hang in the garage to dry out some more. They are apparently ready to eat when the skins are fine and dry and flaky.

While we were plaiting the garlic we came across this small bulb halfway up the stem of a large bulb. Having never grown garlic before I do not know if this normal or not but it seemed a little unusual to me.

We have also harvested some large cucumbers and courgettes that Daddacool and Zooarchaeologist must have missed while they were looking after our garden, so that is dinner sorted tonight; sausage and courgette casserole.

I always return from a holiday with renewed motivation for getting organised so tonight we are making lists of things we want to get done over the coming months and making sure our diaries are up to date, so we can start next week with purpose and make real headway in the garden and house, but I will update you about our holiday and garden over the coming week, as well as our snail related activities from the week before we left.

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