Friday 13 August 2010

A Kiddizoom Video Camera Documentary of Our Garden by Garden Girl

VTech very kindly sent Garden Girl a Kiddizoom Video Camera all of her own, so this week she has been using it out in the garden and has produced a documentary of her favourite things in the garden for you all to see.Check it out here.

Garden Girl absolutely loves the video camera and really got into the role of documentary presenter. It was lovely to see the garden through her eyes, which parts are important to her and what she knows and it will be a fantastic thing to show her when she is older, with a garden of her own.

To find out more about the camera check out the review here. We think its a great first video camera. Thanks VTech!


  1. Wow, that's fantastic! It's lovely to see such an enthusiastic child's-eye-view of the garden!!

    Reading your review, I've realised that Garden Girl is a very similar age to our Big Bro (4 later this year). She is very well spoken! Great job!

    (Hope you don't mind that I've blogged about it- it's great!)

  2. Brilliant camera work and documentary from GG - congratulations on her first production.