Saturday 28 August 2010

In our Garden Today...

  • The 7-Spot Ladybird wins the Harlequin v 7-Spot war.

A few weeks ago when we carried out our Ladybird Survey there were more Harlequin ladybirds than the native 7-spot. Today, while we clearing the peas and preparing the ground for planting tomorrow, we saw loads of 7-spot ladybirds and not a single Harlequin.

  • A solitary mushroom grows

  • We learn one or two fat, slimy reasons against growing potatoes in bags

  • We discover why our brassicas have been munched despite the netting (and yes I did let the butterfly out)

  • We rummaged for treasure in the form of potatoes

  • An excellent alternative to a sandpit was discovered

  • And we said hello to our neighbours - over the fence it goes

Hope you all enjoyed your gardens today too!

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