Wednesday 25 August 2010

Our Weed Problem Solved

Garden Dad has solved the problem of the weeds on our patio. Given that most of them are dandelions we will simply no longer refer to them as weeds but as edible crops. Which is all very well but I have no idea how to cook dandelion.If anyone has any suggestions I am willing to give them a go.

Garden Dad has also been working hard this week clearing out the garage so I can once again access all the gardening bits and bobs and today he cleaned the wormery in the pouring rain, for which I am very very grateful. Now we just need to get it started again and try to keep the worms alive this time!


  1. That's a very "Yes Minister" solution! (But a good one!)

    On dandelions- I recently saw a blog post saying salad

    Also see (down in permanent Beds- search for dandelion)

  2. Young leaves as salad, but as they get older they become bitter so best stir-fried or in soups - treat as spinach.

    Flowers are edible too - can be fried in batter, or just add to salads, biscuits, and I make a cordial with the flowers.

    If you're digging out the roots - you could be adventurous and try dandelion root "coffee".

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Im going to try them in a salad and a stir fry this weekend. I'll let you know what we think.

  4. ..just don't let them go to seed!