Thursday 26 August 2010


I stepped outside today to the most wonderful smell of lavender. The rain has really brought out the fragrance and I stopped for a moment to breathe it in. Garden Girl loves our lavender. She always has. When she was younger she would pick it to smell and pass leaves around to friends and family, holding them up to their noses so they had no choice but to smell it too. I however have always preferred the rosemary. Its a bit more earthy, less perfume like. But today I found myself coming on side a bit. I took the time to consider the lavender a bit more and it really is an asset to the garden. It brings colour and texture to the garden and waves in the wind. It attracts bees and butterflies and provides a cosy safe haven for ladybirds. Garden Girl uses it to make a perfume for herself that I am happy for her to wear because it is natural and she is thrilled because she feels grown up. And best of all we can use it to make extremely delicious lavender biscuits. How could I resist after the lovely smell that greeted me this morning?


  1. Hi there, I love the fragrance of lavender n their lilac-blue flowers, too bad the plants cant be grown in our tropical climate.I didnt know that lavender can be added to biscuits!

  2. I love lavender too - you could make some little lavender bags with your little one, great fun and smell great :-)

  3. Great idea, Scented Sweetpeas. Will do that next week I think.