Thursday 15 July 2010

A Trip to Oz

Garden Girl was delighted today when she was able to view a live extract from the Wizard of Oz in her own back garden. The winds howled, the trees moaned and the Wendy House was lifted high into the sky, flying across the garden and luckily landing on our own side of the fence. After the initial panic that we might have lost the Wendy House for good, Garden Girl calmed down and remarked that 'it was just like Dorothy Girl'. I speculated whether the Wendy House might have landed on top of a bad witch but Garden Girl said 'no, just some tomato plants, but if I had been in the house I would have met the good witch'. I love the way she can so easily remove the bad bits of the story and just enjoy the beautiful bits.

The wind also tried to take our greenhouse but had to settle with one window pane which Garden Dad is stoically refitting in the darkness as I type. I wonder if he will find a pair of sparkly red shoes lying around?

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