Friday 23 July 2010

Rain Isn't Always All That Bad

We returned home on Wednesday from a short trip up north where in true holiday fashion it rained pretty much every day. In fact the weather was so bad some local roads flooded. On a particularly windy day we even had to wear bob hats. Thankfully Grandad North broke with his usual holiday tradition of eating fish and chips on a wet bench in the wind and rain, however Garden Girl and Garden Boy did take the opportunity to jump in muddy puddles. In fact Garden Boy has been wearing his welly boots every day since in the hope of finding more muddy puddles, running to the hallway for his boots everytime he spots some rain drops shouting 'Its raining, its pouring, old man is snoring, me jump in muddy puddles'.

The highlight of the holiday for Garden Boy, aside from the puddles, was feeding the animals at the farm we visited, in particular the calves. Garden Girl enjoyed the play barn where, for the first time she had the confidence to run around without me following behind and she even crossed the rope bridge which would have terrified her a few months ago. She also loved visiting the caravan and camping shop where we went to buy a sleeping bag for Garden Boy. We looked around the caravans while we were there and Garden Girl pretended to make tea and sat at the fold out tables for her dinner with Garden Boy. She now keeps asking if she can holiday in a caravan. I wonder if our tent will be good enough now she has seen the luxuries of a carvavan!

But I digress. All in all everyone had a brilliant time despite the wet weather and the rain did mean that Daddacool was let off lightly and was only required to water the greenhouse plants and hopefully it will have helped to revive some of our more unhealthy looking plants. Rain isn't always all that bad.


  1. We try to keep our garden watered from rainwater tanks, so every drop of summer rain is welcome! (Admittedly we would eventually have a limit...!)

    When visiting the UK in the 1990s I remember lots of people in the south bemoaning water restrictions and hosepipe bans. Are these things of the past in England's Green and Pleasant Land?

  2. Funnily enough _vTg_ there is currently a hosepipe ban in Lancashire, exactly where it flooded!