Tuesday 13 July 2010

Getting Back On Track

Since we started the mammoth task of restoring order to our garden we have managed to make quite a lot of progress. The front garden has been weeded. We were lucky that the weeds had grown tall enough for us to hide behind in shame whenever a neighbour walked by, but we can now hold our heads high and smile between the newly planted sunflowers, interspersed with the rosemary plants. I am quite proud of the small rosemary plants as they are a product of the cuttings we took last year and I am looking forward to watching them grow in their new position. Not least because they will hopefully stifle the many many weeds that have made our front garden their home. 

About thirty tomato plants can now stretch out their roots into the extra space provided by their new, larger pots and the goosberry, whitecurrant and redcurrant bushes have been disentangled from the weeds which were trying to strangle them. We have found the rhubarb! It is holding on literally within an inch of its life but we have our fingers crossed it will grow back. We have also finally put some netting over the brassicas so the woodpigeons can no longer peck them to shreds.

And best of all we harvested our first crop of vegetables and have since been tucking in to some tasty meals made with homegrown courgettes, broad beans and peas.


  1. Wow- 30+ tomato plants! Do you preserve a lot of the harvest?

  2. HI _vTg_, We do make quite a lot of green tomato chutney at the end of the season but not much red tomato chutney because Garden Girl and Garden Boy just help themselves straight from the plants and they don't leave many behind. We could do with an extra thirty really!