Saturday 17 July 2010

Helping Plants (and babies) to Grow

All the time we have spent in the garden over the last couple of weeks has obviously had a big impact on Garden Boy. Whenever I take him out and about he will grab a handful of soil from anywhere he can. Then he will carry it very carefully and slowly until he finds a suitable plant pot in which he can deposit the soil, where it will, he says, 'help the plant grow'. There is a particular plant in the corner of Garden Girl's playgroup playground than must surely have reached the clouds by now, so often does he 'feed' it.

He has also tried to help Garden Lass grow with one of his larger handful's of soil. Amazingly she didn't seem to mind being covered from head to toe, so she is obviously already well adjusted to life as a Little Garden Helper!

1 comment:

  1. You are right about seeing them grow. Like companion vegetable gardening, a plant supporting the other, kids too will become the greatest companions. But there will be tears and cries along the way..... haha.