Monday 26 July 2010

More Weeds, More Puddles

Garden Dad has spent the weekend clearing more weeds while I have spent the weekend clearing up puddles.

Garden Boy seems to have made weeding the entire country his life's ambition. On our last visit to the zoo Garden Boy, along with Garden Girl and their friend were happily occupied pulling weeds from between the paving stones. Then, this last week, while we enjoyed a walk, Garden Boy stopped to pull up the weeds on the roadside. So it seemed a good idea to spend the weekend pulling up weeds in our garden. It would surely be the ideal task to keep Garden Boy outdoors during the first few days of potty training. But no. He was happy to be outdoors weeding with Garden Dad but somehow he always managed to find himself indoors when the moment came to create puddles.

But progress has been made on both fronts. All the massive weeds have now been removed from our garden. Garden Dad had a lot of fun digging out some particularly big roots and all our plants can now grow, free from competition. Garden Boy, although still not making it to the potty on time has started to tell us when he is ready to go which has reduced the size of the puddles, in that, at least the second half lands in the potty. On both fronts then, not a bad weekend.

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