Wednesday 7 April 2010

Rolling On

We have returned from an enjoyable Easter in the North West. Our Little Garden Helpers put away their trowels for the week and indulged in museum visits, seaside battles against the wind, playground antics and egg rolling. There is a great tradition in Preston where, on Easter Monday, hundreds of children take their beautifully painted eggs along to the park, roll them from the top of a slope and run after them, giggling. When the painted eggs are finally smashed to pieces, in an eggy mess, everyone sits on the grass, or on benches, to break into their chocolate eggs and over-indulge in sweet things. Easter Monday egg rolling is a tradition I loved as a child and I am thrilled that Garden Girl and Garden Boy seem to enjoy it as much I did.

While we were away the weather was wet and cold, so it is unlikely we would have progressed much further with the garden had we been at home over Easter, but the rain did help all the seeds we sowed before we left to germinate and there are signs of healthy growth in the raised beds. Our friends also looked after our greenhouse and indoor seedlings with a lot of care, as almost all the pots were sitting proud with green shoots on our return. With some sunshine on Tuesday we managed to move some soil around the garden and pull up a few weeds, but tired from a late night on Monday we took it fairly easy.

Today our Little Garden Helpers were attending a birthday party, but while we were out Garden Dad put together another shelf for our greenhouse staging, so we are now ready to sow more seeds. With the promise of dry weather for the rest of the week our aim is to write a plan of action for the weeks ahead tonight and get stuck into the garden with more purpose tomorrow. Garden Dad has some time off work and we want to make the most of it and get as prepared as we can in the garden before a third Garden Helper arrives.

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  1. I keep forgetting you are heavy with gardening babe :), hope all is well with the bump. Sounds like you a ll had a great week away and how nice to pass on some lovely traditions of your own.

    My girls also enjoyed their Easter traditions last Sunday.