Wednesday 31 March 2010

A Thought for the Future

If nature was left to its own devices in our garden we would have a carpet of grass under a forest of sycamore trees. There are literally hundreds of sycamore seeds rooting into our raised beds so while we have been weeding we have been removing vast areas of early forest from our garden. If we were to go travelling for a few years I wonder how many true trees would actally survive. How many years would we need to be gone before the new trees would uproot the foundations of our house? If our town were to be evacuated and left to become a ghost town I wonder how many years it would take before tree branches broke through the windows and wrapped themselves around walls. How long before the town would be buried beneath nature and our time period hidden and confined to an archaeological layer to be excavated by future generations? And when our house and garden become archaeological remains what will be the remnants of our short time here? Will future archaeologists be able to peice together a fuller picture of the lives we lead today than we can today of those that have been before? I hope that some of our giggles and fun will survive in the soil for future discovery.


  1. Interesting musings Garden Mum.

  2. It would take a lot less time than we imagine - nice post.

  3. very interesting thoughts. :) you should check out the special on discovery or history channel regarding Life After People.