Sunday 28 March 2010

A Winning Bonnet

Yesterday while Garden Dad cleared out the garage so we could actually access the garden tools, our Little Garden Helpers and I were taking a break from the garden. We had to bake cakes and make Easter hats for the Playgroup Easter Fun Day which we attended today. We spent the day getting thoroughly messy with a combination of flour, glue and paint, but it was all worth it to watch Garden Girl and Garden Boy standing proudly and holding hands with fabulous Easter hats on their heads today.

The original plan had been to make a rabbit hat for Garden boy and a chicken hat for Garden Girl, but Garden Girl insisted that she make a pretty hat with flowers so she made a traditional bonnet, painted with a rainbow and decorated with tissue paper flowers and lace. She obviously knows something about hat design as her beautiful bonnet won the girls hat competition. And proud though I was that she won the competition, it was the fact that she dragged Garden Boy with her to claim and share her chocolate egg prize, that left me glowing. Well done Garden Girl for looking after your little brother and well done both of you for all your hard work yesterday creating these works of art.


  1. Congrates garden girl, you look very Eastery :)

  2. Welcome to the winners enclosure ;)

  3. aaahh well done garden girl - what a fab hat you made!