Monday 19 April 2010


Garden Girl has never been a fan of lettuce. When it is offered and we suggest she at least try it, we are always met with the comment that 'It's just a leaf!' and 'The stalk is too hard'. Last year not a single one of our lettuce seeds germinated, so we were unable to persuade her to try some she had grown herself. This year however, to make up for last years lack of success, I might well have got carried away and have already sown five different varieties with even more seed packets sitting in our seed box waiting to be sown.

All five of the varieties we have sown so far have germinated and the two we were growing in pots in the greenhouse were looking luscious and ready to eat as baby leaf today, so when Garden Girl asked me if anything was ready to eat yet I pointed to the lettuce and said, 'Try that'. And to my surprise she stood inside the greenhouse, happily picking and munching on baby lettuce leaves until I feared there would be none left for the rest of us. Garden Boy soon joined in, never wanting to miss out on something Garden Girl descibes as 'yummy' and 'delicious'.

Pleased with Garden Girl's new found love of lettuce we cut and washed some for dinner and started a second sowing, at Garden Girl's request. So why is that when we sat down to dinner and she was offered the salad bowl all she wanted were the tomatoes because the lettuce was 'just leaves' and the 'stalks aren't nice'?!
I think perhaps we will have to start eating dinner in the greenhouse straight from the plant pots.

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  1. Hi I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.

    LOL that sounds about right, greenhouse dinners should be fun or at the very least interesting.

    My youngest is a picky eater if you give her her own way but she started eating lettuce really well last year but all other green leafy vegetables are green stuff which takes a lot of persuading to eat.

    Strangely though she'll eat squash, mushrooms, avacado & tofu all without a bat of an eye and will ask for yours off of your plate, most kids won't touch these foods.

    Kids, they just like to keep us on our toes :)