Friday 16 April 2010


With just four weeks to go until Garden Bump's due date I have hit nesting overdrive. I know in the back of my mind that it doesn't really make any difference at all but hormones have taken over and my desire to clean and tidy everything has been determining our activities this week. We now have a very clean house. It hasn't been this clean since I was pregnant with Garden Boy. But the garden has been suffering so other than cleaning the car (I just couldn't stop myself adding it to the list of jobs for the weekend) we will be working hard in the garden this weekend and hopefully getting on top of the weeds and sowing some more vegetables. And today I am putting away the buckets of water and hoover and we will endeavour to at least repot all the seedlings which are doing so well in the greenhouse.

Garden Girl is under instruction to tell me off if I try to do any cleaning at all. Wish her luck!


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  2. lol love it! I so remember this and it hit about the same time as you, 4 weeks before little sweetpeas arrival. I was scrubbing walls, laying carpet in the loo etc etc - these things NEEDED to be done! I think I drove my family bonkers.

  3. Boy do I remember those days, its the only time I think I actually enjoyed and look forward to house work!!!!