Friday 20 November 2009

Out of Sorts

With half the children at Garden Girl's playgroup absent with a bad winter cold it was inevitable that Garden Girl would eventually wake up one morning feeling rough and that day was Wednesday. Grumpy and 'out of sorts' is a fairly accurate description of her early morning behaviour and by 10.30 this was replaced with 'upset, tired and ill.' Instead of going for our usual swim and then enjoying what was quite a nice autumn afternoon outdoors, Garden Girl spent the whole day on the sofa watching children's TV and movies with little interest and drifting in and out of unsettled sleep. I was not allowed to leave her side. Luckily when we sorted the loft a few nights ago Garden Dad had discovered some little cars he used to play with as a little lad and these kept Garden Boy amused for much of the day while I gave Garden Girl the attention she needed. And I did manage to get some online Christmas shopping done while I was chained to the sofa.

Thursday dawned and Garden Girl had a bit of bounce back but not enough for her to return to playgroup so we spent another day warm and cosy indoors. It was with relief therefore, that we left the house this morning, all healthy, to go painting at a local museum and then on to the supermarket to restock our kitchen cupboards. At least we can now enjoy the weekend free of nasty germs and the garden might get some attention.


  1. I am glad that Garden girl is feeling better and good on Garden Dad for keeping his cars. Enjoy your weekend

  2. Hope the weekend is better than the last few days ---- and that when you're out in the garden you escape the high winds :-)