Wednesday 25 November 2009

Enthusiastic Optimism

On Monday it was wet, then sunny, then wet, then sunny but our Little Garden Helpers and friend wanted to go outside so when it looked dry we put on coats, wellies and hats, stepped outdoors and within moments it had started to rain. Ignoring the rain Garden Girl continued to show our friends the things growing in our garden. The Brussels Sprouts are looking particularly inpressive and if you look beyond the outer slug eaten leaves, the cabbages are also fairly impressive. The cauliflowers measuring in at one centimetre diameter are however, a little disappointing, as are the purple sprouting broccolli's which look like giant weeds.

Still, Garden Girl enthused about our produce enough that I started to believe we had done some good work and with the sun shining today we might just head outdoors and sow some herbs to germinate in the house then leave in the greenhouse over winter. How stausfying it will be to make some long overdue headway in the garden!

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