Tuesday 17 November 2009

Happy Smiles and Rosy Cheeks

It was lovely to be planting again. For so long we have been harvesting and pruning and weeding and watering. Garden Girl and Garden Boy were as enthusiastic as they were back in spring and eagerly helped to fork over the soil and take it turns to push the wheelbarrow around the garden. Garden Girl copied Garden Dad's 'finger dibbing' to create holes for sowing the garlic and delighted in dropping the bulbs into the holes and covering them up. Garden Boy meanwhile, was clearly reminiscing over spring and reindulged in his taste for soil, munching through a snack sized handful or two. They then got going on the broad beans while I made dinner. Forgetting completely about the cake they had made earlier in the day, they came back inside only when it started to turn dark, wearing happy smiles, rosy cheeks and a good coating of soil. What better way to spend a cold but sunny autumn afternoon?


  1. Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me, too wet for me today

  2. Can't wait for little L a bit bigger, at the moment there is not much collaboration from her side. Or does eating dirt count?
    With this weather we tend to get a bit of cabin fever. Time to get the wellies out and wrap her up nicely. I need to get out!!