Sunday 22 November 2009

No... Not the Hoover.

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Imperial War Museum to look at aeroplanes, tanks and old toys, but we were hoping to be outdoors this afternoon planting more broad beans and finally tidying up the strawberry bed. Instead we are sitting indoors playing with play dough and watching the trees wave at us in the wind. Although it is currently dry everything is dripping from the downpour earlier. I may be forced into pulling out the hoover and doing some housework, something which gardening will usually excuse me from guilt free. I need to think of some things to have growing in my greenhouse at this time of year so I have an excuse to be pottering in there on wet Sunday afternoons. Any ideas?

1 comment:

  1. Or you could get in some garden catalogues and a book for garden plans - that way you get to stay in the warm AND feel that you're doing something useful...