Wednesday 16 March 2011

Spring Clean

Having been out of action in the garden for quite a while with a bad cold it was brilliant to be back outdoors this weekend to see all the progress Garden Dad had made with the fence and steps and to get stuck in myself. And the first task was to get out the bucket and sponges and clean the greenhouse. Last year I was heavily pregnant with Garden Lass so we didn't actually give the greenhouse its annual clean. The build up of what can only be described as 'gooey green gunk' was, as a result, much worse this year. I had to use an old toothbrush to scrape away the worst of it and in addition to this there were quite a number of spiders nests. There were however far fewer weeds than expected on the ground inside the greenhouse, probably because we had been storing chairs, large flower pots and childrens toys in there all winter, acting as ground cover and stopping the weeds from growing.

While I had been weeding and removing 'gunk' from between the windows and the frame, my three little garden helpers were cleaning all their gardening tools and toys. They did a superb job and Garden Lass took great delight in splashing her older brother and sister and picking up all the clean tools to 'inspect' the work and frequently drop them back in the bucket (with a nice big splash) for a further wash. Just around the time this was getting a bit frustrating for Garden Girl and Garden Boy I was ready for them to come and clean the greenhouse and they worked really hard. Garden Lass looked in from the outside, giggling as Garden Girl cleaned the windows in front of her and trying to catch the bubbles dripping down the inside pane, not really understanding why she couldn't get at them.

Everyone was soaking wet when the task was complete and I have to admit it took me far longer to clean up our Little Garden Helpers afterwards than it it took us to clean the greenhouse but we had fun and we now have a clean, empty greenhouse ready for sowing seeds. Its time to get started!

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