Wednesday 2 March 2011

A First Walk in the Garden

Garden Lass finally made it outdoors for her first walk in the garden this weekend and she didn't waste any time getting stuck in. She practised walking with her push along walker for a little while. I'm a proud Mum so have included a little video here but you will need to turn your head on one side to watch it because I forgot video's couldn't be rotated.

With walking practice over however she soon became intrigued with what everyone else was doing and joined me pulling at weeds. I was pulling them out of the ground and she was pulling them out of the bucket - but the interest was at least there.

 Having observed me tugging at the weeds, she eventually realised I was pulling them out of the soil and standing at the herb bed she copied me and grabbed handfuls of her own. She even managed to get the roots - its just a shame it was the thyme she chose to grab!

All in all though I think she has the makings of an enthusiastic and strong gardener. Lets just hope we get some more dry and sunny days so she can can continue to enjoy herself outdoors.

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