Monday 21 March 2011

A Mushroom

Last year we bought some mushroom logs. I love mushrooms and really wanted to have a go at growing them, so when they arrived we followed all the instructions, shocking them in cold water, then leaving them in a shady, damp part of the garden. But we got no mushrooms.

After months of waiting I re-read the instructions to check that we had done everything right and we had but I also noticed the small print which said that mushrooms were unpredictable and when the mushrooms would grow could not be guaranteed but that they would indeed grow...

... at some point.

And that point has finally arrived. The yo-yoing very cold frosts interspersed with milder, wetter weather must have re-shocked the mushrooms into finally growing and we now have our first mushroom. A triumph if only because we have waited so long for it. I hope it is one of many but I am happy to see at least one growing and it is mine... all mine. I will not let our Little Garden Helpers steal this one from me if I can help it. I will fry it in a little bit of of garlic butter then savour every mouthful!

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