Thursday 17 March 2011

Fences and Steps

At the weekend while the rest of us were cleaning the greenhouse, Garden Dad finished the steps leading to the raised beds and made a gate using a spare fence panel. For the last few weekends, with the help of Garden Girl and Garden Boy, he has worked really hard to get this finished and I am really pleased with the finished fence and steps. Garden Girl and Garden Boy were absolutely thrilled that Garden Dad let them help him drill and saw pieces of wood. They were doing real DIY and can honestly say they properly helped with the work. Garden Girl was also very good at helping Garden Dad measure the correct lengths of wood.

Garden Dad used decking wood to make the steps and placed bricks underneath the weed fabric to give them a solid base. It took some careful measuring and time to make the steps even and the correct size but it was worth it, as the finished steps look really good and very solid and safe. He made the gate open towards the steps so it would also act as something for the children to hold onto as they walk down the steps, something which we had been concerned about when we had originally been planning to put them in. And the children absolutely love the gate. They have already started 'charging' us for the rights to go through the gate. Yesterday Garden Girl demanded twenty pounds toll money for the use of the gate and that was for five minutes stay in the area. Luckily she accepted pretend money!

It will now be much easier for me to take the children outside in the week as I will no longer have to worry about Garden Lass falling off the edge of the lawn and with the dryer, sunnier weather we have been having it has been much more pleasant for Garden Lass to crawl around. In fact, she absolutely loves being outdoors so I am now looking forward to a happy spring spent in the garden.


  1. Very cute fences. I like to have one too in the future. Well done litte gardener helpers a very fine job!

  2. Thanks Malay-Kadazan girl. They worked really hard on it ant a lot of satisfaction from seeing it finished. It will look even better when the 'new orange' look has become 'worn' and it looks more inkeeping with the rest of the garden!