Friday 4 February 2011

Shadows Eat Pies

Since we had fun playing with our shadows last week there hasn't been a whole lot of sunshine, so today when we were walking to Nursery School to pick up Garden Girl, Garden Boy asked the question 'Where my shadow?' 'Shadows only come out to play in the sunshine and the clouds are hiding the sun today.' There was a pause at this point after which Garden Boy said 'My shadow is at home in bed. He got a cuddly ted bear.' 'A shadow ted bear?' I ask. 'Yes' he giggles.

After a little pause I ask him what my shadow is doing and he replies 'It in the kitchen, making a pie for Daddy's shadow.' I wonder aloud if my shadow might make a pie for own dinner and Garden Boy says 'Noooo!' as if that was a most ridiculous suggestion, but then adds 'but it will save a bit of pie for me.' It appears I have a very considerate shadow.

At this point we spot some friends walking ahead of us and I suggest Garden Boy runs to try and catch up - any incentive to make his slow plod a slightly faster wiggle. He wiggles for a while although we have no real chance of catching up and our shadow conversation seems to be forgotton, until we reach the school gates when Garden Boy suddenly announces that his shadow is just waking up. 'But there is still no sunshine' I say and he replies happily, 'No, but there pie.'


  1. I'm giggling so much at this... Garden Boy has briliant imagination. xxx

  2. Kids come up with some of the funniest things while in the garden, don't they? I know mine do -- makes for great blogging!