Tuesday 8 February 2011

National Doodle Day

Since last summer I have been using the very practical and witty Dodo Acad Pad to organise the chaotic social life of our Little Garden Helpers. Along with the diary pages there are blank pages to use for making lists and of course doodles, because lets face it doodling is a great time wasting technique for when we should really be busy doing the jobs on those lists!

It is little surprise then that Dodo Pad supports National Doodle Day; a day to raise awareness and money for  Epilepsy Action and the Neurofibromatosis Association. Since National Doodle Day was launched 7 years ago it has raised over £200,000 and this year National Doodle Day is taking place on Friday 11th February.

I was asked to contribute a doodle of my own, along with a £1 donation to the supported charities and with a doodle already doodled in my Dodo Pad I was very happy to join in the fun and the very kind Dodo Pad PR folk had my drawings analysed by a graphologist. Apparently this is what the doodle above says about me;

“Unlikely to be a pushy type, more likely to be slightly withdrawn or reserved and would probably prefer others to move or go first. Observant, likes to keep abreast of what is going on and may have a tendency toward possessiveness. May be easily diverted at times and seems to be pre-occupied with someone or something for which there seems to be no current satisfactory answer.”

I wonder if my preoccupation is with slugs, snails and weeds, to which there really is no satisfactory answer?! However I am not the only one getting easily diverted and spending my time doodling rather than working. There are now over 250 celebrities creating doodles including Bill Oddie, Sophie Dahl and Matt Baker and although the closing date for entering a doodle has passed you can still get involved and support the National Doodle Day charities by voting for your favourite celebrity doodle and/or downloading a template to make your own Paper Toy. I'll be having a go at making a YuKii  creature with our Little Garden Helpers tomorrow. So please do join in the fun and give a little to charity at the same time. More details about National Doodle Day can be found on the official website here.

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