Saturday 12 February 2011

Giant Man and First Steps

Last weekend we finished laying the final pieces of weed fabric and gravel around the raised beds and it now looks really good. We are really pleased with our efforts. Since then we have spent far more time than you could possibly imagine trying to choose a fence, but eventually we found one that was the right height to offer a safe barrier for the children and had enough gaps to allow us a view into the vegetable garden from the house.

So this afternoon, having been forced to cancel our lunch plans with friends due to a contagious Little Garden Helper, Garden Dad visited the garden centre to gather all the supplies we would need for the fence. Normally our Little Garden Helpers love going along to the garden centre but Garden Boy woke up this morning with his neck swollen up to make him look, according to Garden Girl, like 'giant man.' According to the doctor it is likely to be 'a mumps like virus but not mumps' and there is nothing we can do but wait till it clears up. Apart from a bit of tenderness in the area of the swelling it hasn't seemed to bother him too much but he is contagious, hence our cancelled plans and Garden Dad's lone trip to the shop.

Along with all the fence parts Garden Dad also bought some seed potatoes so we can start them chitting tomorrow. Garden Girl and Garden Boy really enjoyed laying the potatoes out last year, making sure the 'eyes' were looking up at the sunshine, so they are eager to do this for us tomorrow, keeping them occupied while Garden Dad makes a start on the fence and I supervise Garden Lass's first walk around the garden. Today she took her first steps with the push along walker in the lounge, so not independent yet, but good enough for a toddle on the grass tomorrow with me close behind. She will be absolutely thrilled to finally get outside and join in the fun.

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