Thursday 3 February 2011

A Work of Art

On Monday at Nursery School Garden Girl painted a picture of the bottom of her garden. She is very proud of the work we have been doing and obviously felt it deserved to be turned into a work of art. And I have to admit I agree. Now that the weed fabric is down, hiding all the muddy pathways and some of the pebbles give a general covering it is possible to see how nice our little vegetable maze will look when it is completed. We have one last bit of weed fabric to lay, in the bottom left hand corner which will be our seating area and of the two large bags of stones we had delivered before Christmas, there are now only 2/3 of a bag left to cover the paths. If we get this finished on Sunday we will be able to make a start on the fence the following weekend.

We didn't manage to scatter any grass seed at the weekend because Garden Girl and Garden Boy were enjoying themselves helping out with the weed fabric and stones. With a huge sense of importance Garden Girl announced to me half way through the afternoon that 'I am staying outside to help with our new paths until Daddy comes inside. Even if it goes dark. And I am even going to help with the tidying up.' And apart from a short spell when she was distracted by her bicycle, she did indeed stay outside all afternoon, till it went dark and helped with the tidying up. In fact Garden Dad said her help laying the weed fabric was invaluable as she held it down for him and helped lay it flat. Garden Boy came indoors a bit sooner because he became too cold but very excitedly told me all about moving stones so he obviously enjoyed the task and is looking forward to carrying on this weekend.

And poor Garden Lass spent a lot of time kneeling up at the windows, banging on them and trying to get outside to join in the fun herself. If only it had been warmer I would have let her go for a crawl on the lawn, but for the moment she will have to make do with the occassional walk around the garden with me to inspect the work's progress. And for anyone else interested in seeing the progress here are a few pictures:


  1. What a great looking project! And I love the painting too - I wonder if she was talking about it as she painted it. It has that look about it!

  2. Love the look of the vegetable maze - a perfect family growing patch. Can't wait to see it develop over the next few months.

  3. WOW - this is looking amazing. And it will be so much easier to walk on when we play walking to school or to the shops or to the museum.

  4. Looks like a lovely space for your vegies! Look forward to seeing the "after" summer version of the aerial view!