Monday 29 November 2010

Things Done, More To Do

I can't believe how long it is since I last posted here. It isn't because work in the garden has slowed with the colder weather. On the contrary, Garden Dad and Garden Boy have been outside every spare moment, digging out pathways and creating large holes ready for wooden posts.

All the wood we need to build the retaining 'wall' for our lawn and a little fence to stop our Little Garden Helpers falling off the edge, has been delivered, along with the gravel and weed fabric which will soon be laid over the pathways. Garden Girl and Garden Boy stood in the cold and watched, transfixed, while the crane manoeuvred the huge bags of gravel from the truck onto the path between our driveway and house. It was a tight fit and a precision task, but the crane succeeded after many attempts, and to the applause of our Little Garden Helpers.

In the meantime, Garden Girl, Garden Lass and myself have focused our attention on getting the house ready for Christmas. I became, for a little while at least, an almost perfect housewife, as I cleaned, hoovered, dusted and sorted 'stuff' in anticipation of the festive season. And then we were ready for Christmas to begin and we kicked it off at the weekend by putting up the Christmas tree. Early, I know, but ordinarily we would have done this the first weekend in December. This year however, we are having Garden Lass Christened that weekend so we opted to go a week early.

We now have a month of fun festive activities planned as we make Christmas cards, presents, decorations and wrapping paper. We will be baking snowman biscuits, mince pies, cake and candy canes. And then there will be letters to Santa, a Christmas play, pantomimes, carol services, a Christmas fair, a wedding and of course Garden Lass's Christening. Our Little Garden Helpers are so excited and so am I. I just hope, really hope, that the snow will ease off enough to allow our friends and family to make the journey for Garden Lass' Christening.

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