Tuesday 16 November 2010

Shopping and Digging

I dragged Garden Dad to our local retail park on Saturday morning to buy outfits for Garden Lass's Christening. He would have preferred to have been in the garden and honestly, so would I. I am not a big fan of shopping and I dislike it even more when I really have to find something. We eventually managed to find a very smart suit for Garden Boy and a pretty dress for Garden Girl in M&S, but I came away with nothing and Garden Dad with only half a suit.

By the time we returned, with a job half done, it was time to visit our friends for pizza and fireworks, so our hopes of having at least a couple of hours in the garden were dashed. The fireworks however were brilliant and a glass of wine and good company was definitely the right tonic for a day trawling through shops.

But then of course Sunday arrived and it was raining. This did not however deter Garden Boy and Garden Dad, both of whom stoically put on their boots and coats. Garden Boy never needs much persuasion to go outdoors in the the wet but Garden Dad is usually a bit more reticent. I can only think he was worried I would insist we try more shops if he didn't look busy! But, whatever the reason, they armed themselves with spades and continued the task of digging out the pathways around the raised beds. When they came back inside they had mud stuck to their boots, trousers and coats, but had rosy cheeks and smiles so they must have enjoyed their hard work.

There is still more mud to move but they managed to do enough to think about ordering all the bits we need to turn the muddy paths into proper gravel paths, so we spent last night doing the maths and putting together a plan. The materials are now on order and will be delivered in time for the coming weekend. It is very exciting.

And I bobbed into the town centre today with Garden Lass and managed to find a lovely dress in The White Stuff (which is fast becoming my favourite shop), for me to wear at the Christening, so all in all things are looking brighter than they did around lunch time on Saturday. Garden Dad still only has half a suit but hopefully a bit of online shopping will quickly solve that problem.

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