Monday 8 November 2010

A Strawberry Surprise

Another weekend has passed us by and as usual on a Monday evening I regret that a multitude of things take over mid week and less time is spent outdoors. Not that we stayed indoors all day today. It rained. A lot. So of course we went out. There were puddles to splash in! But we didn't get out our garden trowels and pull up more weeds or get stuck into digging out the pathways. That would have made for very muddy toddlers which is not the most appropriate look for Garden Girl's ballet class!

The weekend however, was lovely and on Saturday we managed to clear away more of our spent crops, preparing the ground for the winter, as well as starting to tidy up the strawberry bed. This is something I had strangely forgotten about when we were planning our garden tasks for the next few weeks but runners are starting to take root and the bed is full to bursting so a bit of crowd management is necessary. And its a good job we did this because we discovered we have some autumn fruiting strawberries we knew nothing about. A delicious surprise, although unfortunately not one I have yet experienced for myself, for two simple reasons; Garden Girl and Garden boy!

With the wet weather set to stay around all week I fear that we won't be out in the garden too much before the weekend but at least the rain will be good for those strawberries. Lets just hope the cold doesn't get too extreme!

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