Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Conversation with Garden Boy

Garden Boy: 'Mummy, Me want pick tomatoes today.'

Me: 'There are no tomato plants left now, sweetheart.'

Garden Boy: 'Me want to get more tomato plants. Can we go to the shop Mummy?'

Me: 'Tomatoes won't grow at this time of year. It's too cold.'

Garden Boy: 'Then me want to pull up carrots.'

Me: 'We pulled them all up a few weeks ago'

Garden Boy: 'Me want to pull up more.'

Me: There are no more, honey.'

Garden Boy: 'Then me want to dig up potatoes. With my spade.'

Me: 'Oh honey. The potatoes have all been dug up now as well and the things still growing in the garden need to stay there a bit longer. There are some weeds we can dig up?'

Garden Boy exclaims loudly and happily: 'Yeah. Me go get my welly boots.'

There is a pause in the conversation while Garden Boy goes to find his boots and I sit in shock that someone could be so excited at the thought of pulling up weeds.

Then Garden Boy returns: 'Weeds, Mummy?'

Me: 'Yes. There are a lot of those for us to pull up.'

Garden Boy puts his wellies down: 'Me want to play trains.'


  1. Love it, I think you need to make him a cress head for over the winter months :-)

  2. No, you need to come to Australia ;-)

  3. sounds like mine... attention span of a goldfish. or maybe it was that pulling weeds really just isn't that exciting?