Monday 24 May 2010

A New Garden Helper

Garden Lass, now almost one week old, was born happy and healthy, weighing 8 pounds 11and a half ounces. She has been feeding well and letting us get at least some sleep and with the lovely weather we have been having she has already been relaxing in the garden. Garden Boy is a little shy of his little sister but very gentle with her and has taken on the responsibility of helping with nappy changes. Otherwise he has pretty much carried on as normal, playing with his toys and winding up his big sister. Garden Girl is behaving in much the same way as she did when Garden Boy was born and just wants to be wherever her new sister is. She has given Garden Lass endless cuddles and kisses, she has been singing her songs, reading her stories and telling her all about the things she likes and the things she will teach her.

Garden Dad and I are a little tired but we are enjoying the time with our three little garden helpers. It has been nice to have the sunshine so we have all been able to get outdoors although there has been very little gardening and much more sitting on the patio feeding Garden Lass for me and running about playing for Garden Girl, Garden Boy and Garden Dad.


  1. Oh, congratulations! A baby just as the season begins: You can all enjoy her -- and the garden -- together! Love and best wishes from Maine...

  2. Oh I am so behind with reading the blogs I follow, I completely missed your annoucement.

    CONGRATES to you and the family on a safe and healthy birth & WELCOME little Garden Lass, may your fingers be dirty with soil soon ;)

  3. I missed this - huge congratulations to the family.

    Take care and look after yourselves xxx

  4. aah congrats, nothing like a new baby in the house to bring warmth to the heart. x