Thursday 6 May 2010

Freedom to Speak

Garden Boy has been ill for the last couple of days with a sky high temperature and the need for lots of cuddles. Consequently I have been forced to spend time sitting on the sofa relaxing. Unfortunately I have also been forced to get up in the middle of the night a lot, to provide comfort and a willing ear. All the sleep Garden Boy has been getting in the day time has resulted in a few hours of night time alertness that Garden Boy has been enjoying. You see, usually Garden Boy struggles to get a word in edgeways. Garden Girl has always been a chatterbox and Garden Boy who is currently working very hard at speaking in clear sentences is often cut off by an eager Garden Girl who speaks faster and louder than her younger brother. Now though, Garden Boy has discovered that in the middle of the night, when Garden Girl is sleeping, words can tumble from his mouth freely and without interruption.

During our night time conversations I have discovered that Garden Boy loves his sister, loves cowboy hats and pretty much anything to do with Toy Story, that he wants to help change Garden Bump's nappy, wants Garden Bump to come out of mummy's tummy, wants to cuddle and rock the baby and he wants to show the baby his garden and his greenhouse. He also wants Garden Bump to wear welly boots and eat ice lollies. He wants Garden Bump to be a boy but thinks it is a girl.

He is clearly excited about being a big brother and proud of his garden, so despite the lack of sleep I am smiling. I just hope that these night time conversations remain rare but treasured shared moments and that his future hour long monologues take place at a more civilised time.


  1. oohh wishing you sleep soon, my little one still gets up and rarely sleeps through :-( I still love her to bits, not sure how lol

  2. They grow up so fast, its nice you can enjoy these night time chats but I am wishing you both a good night's sleep soon.