Tuesday 18 May 2010

The Calm Before the Chaos

You would all be forgiven if you thought that my lack of posting was due to the arrival of Garden Bump and the accompanying chaos and fun that comes with a newborn. But in reality, all is calm in the world of our Little Garden Helpers, in particular with Garden Bump who seems quite content to remain snuggled inside my tummy for the time being. I am hoping that the sunshine we are now enjoying might help to encourage Garden Bump into the world. In the meantime I have spent the last couple of weeks wondering if every ache and pain and every braxton hicks could be the start of labour. I have ended every day exhausted, though perhaps less from running after two toddlers with a big bump, and more from all the tense moments of 'could this be it?' only to be flatly disappointed when it turns out just to be backache from spending too much time sitting on the floor playing trains. 

Today I am sitting on the patio with a cool drink, looking at all the plants hardening off and wondering whatever possessed us to sow so many seeds which are now healthy plants needing attention I am not able to give them. Whenever the weather permitted, Garden Dad, Garden Girl and Garden Boy did venture out into the garden at the weekend to transplant some of the plants and try to keep on top of the weeding but last year I did so much of the gardening midweek with our Little Garden Helpers that this year, by comparison, we are far behind schedule. And I am missing the dirt between my finger nails. Still, now that Garden Bump is a week overdue at least I know that he or she will make an appearance within the week.And hopefully the weather will remain as beautiful as it is today while Garden Dad is on paternity leave so he can occupy our Little Garden Helpers with garden tasks whenever they need distracting from the baby.


  1. Enjoy the calm! Our Little Bro was born in late Spring, so rather than let the garden go to waste over summer I was able to carry him in a baby sling and potter in between the plants. I'd like to think that all the smells (tomato leaves, basil, daisy leaves, fresh earth) will have imprinted on him... time will tell!

  2. Well done for having your feet up and enjoying some well deserved sit down time...

    I remember how frustrating it was for me when I was due with my second son. I wanted to 'do' so much stuff, gardening, fitting new kitchen... but bloomin big bump prevented me.

    Dont fret... in a few weeks you will out there rummaging in the soil with baby 3 snuggled close to chest... enjoy x

  3. You have my sympathies. All three of mine have been late, although the third less late than the other two (only 5 days vs 10).


    Let us know when you can, even if it's just Garden Dad telling us name and birthdate...

    Still, lovely time of year to have a birthday. Well planned!