Tuesday 6 October 2009

Spiders... Everywhere

There are spiders all over my garden. Left undisturbed while I wasn't very well, they felt free to build massive webs amongst the tomato plants, between the garden furniture, across the slide and pretty much anywhere. I don't like them. I am scared of them in the house (somehow they seem scarier indoors where they don't really belong) but I can usually tolerate them outdoors. However, they are everywhere, taking over and are scarier than ever before. I am trying not to pass this fear onto my children but it is so hard. I walk into a web unwittingly and suddenly I'm jumping around batting my head, trying desperately to get rid of the spider that might not even be there. Then I see my Little Garden Helpers looking at me with worried eyes and I try to calm down. 'Sorry. It was just the shock. Spiders are lovely really. Mummy isn't scared. I was just surprised to walk into a web and the spider will be happier in the grass than in Mummy's hair.'

Today however, I am looking out of the window, the rain pouring down and the garden looks beautiful with lots of spider webs decorating it. The rain drops are settling on the webs turning them into large glittering patterns and they look stunning. I tried to take a photo for you but it just didn't work well. In one place there are three webs parallel to each other getting gradually smaller as they get further away, so if you look through the middle it looks like a glittering silver tunnel. And the best thing is the spiders have gone somewhere to hide from the rain. I only hope that their dry hiding place is not my house.

In the meantime I will take the opportunity of a wet day and a beautiful display of webs to inspire some craft and we'll create our own spiders and webs this afternoon to decorate the corners of our house. I wonder if that will be enough to convince our Little Garden Helpers that Mummy likes spiders?


  1. Not sure any amount of craft-based activities will make up for the sight of you leaping around, squealing and battering your own head...

  2. Hello! Zooarchaeologist has sent me to your blog. I like it here :)
    I can so relate to the spider-anxiety. Last Sunday I thought myself lucky to discover a huge web before walking through it, only to have a fat, big spider dangling from my finger, when I tried to destroy the web to get past. The neighbours must have thought I had a little dance - lonely in the back garden wih my baby on my arm, shaking my head and hands widly, shouting 'brrrr. brrrrr'.