Monday 12 October 2009

Severed Carrots

It is harvest time and consequently we have been doing a lot of digging. Garden Boy loves the opportunity to throw soil everywhere, move it around the garden and stamp in it. Garden Girl is a little more careful, digging around the vegetables in an attempt to make them easier to dig up but we are struggling with our carrots.

The idea had been to make soup from all those carrots which had split or been slightly munched and as such were not suitable for storage and to store the rest to provide supplies over the coming months. The heavy, hard soil is thwarting our efforts of having any carrots left for storage however, as the bulk of the lovely, long, undamaged carrots are not making out in one piece. Even Garden Dad is finding it impossible to clear enough soil to pull these perfect carrots out in less than two pieces.

It is a good job we all like carrot soup a lot, as this week I will be cooking a massive panful for the freezer but if anyone has any tricks for digging carrots up in one piece they will be gratefully received.

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