Thursday 8 October 2009

One Hundred

This is my one hundredth blog post. When I realised I had written that many posts I was amazed, but when I look back over the archive I see that I have an excellent record of what has been happening in the garden and more importantly, some brilliant memories of time spent outdoors with my Little Garden Helpers. Reading through some of the older posts reveals how much I have learnt about vegetable growing in just one season, as well as just how much more there is to learn. I also smiled and laughed a lot when I looked back at some of Garden Girl and Garden Boy's antics. I wonder what they will make of it when they are older and read over my words. How much of it will they remember and will it amuse or embarrass them?

I hope that when they are older they will add their own contributions to the blog, with their own thoughts about the garden, which they in turn, will be able to revisit. Yes, I am hooked and in it for the long haul, (both the garden and the blog) and I am looking forward to creating many more happy memories to document and share.

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