Friday 2 October 2009

Hedgehog Hunting

We have been gradually working to get the garden in order but there will be lots more to do at the weekend when Garden Dad will also be available to help. However the real excitement in the garden was the recent spotting of a hedgehog. It is just a shame that they are nocturnal as Garden Girl and Garden Boy did not get the opportunity to meet him. I was returning home in the dark when, pulling onto our driveway, I saw him ambling away from the headlights with little sense of urgency at the nearing car wheels. He hid behind our bins and curled up in a ball.

The following morning there was no sign of him, though I like to think he has found a cosy corner of our garden to curl up and sleep off his slug feast. There were certainly a lot of slugs about that night I spotted him and they were no longer there the next day. I told our Little Garden Helpers to keep a watchful eye for him in the garden so they do not get prickled by him. Garden Girl, as usual, is taking the warning very seriously and she peers into every nook and crevice and almost tiptoes around the garden for fear of standing on a hedgehog. Garden Boy meanwhile hasn't taken a blind bit of notice to my words and is gaily sqeezing himself into all corners of the garden without a care in the world. I fear Garden Boy will be the first to find the hedgehog's home but at least there are fewer slugs lying around for him to pick up and try to eat.


  1. Harvested 3 particularly large tomatoes from one of the plants Garden Girl & Garden Boy planted for us - largest weighed 355 grams - total weight of 3 fruit 865 grams - close to a kilo! Still a couple of giants to come.
    Meanwhile the yellow ones are still fruiting. I wish I'd weighed the crop daily - except everyone - Garden Grandad and Garden Uncles and Aunties too - frequently pick and eat directly from plant.

  2. A squirrel is loping across our lawn looking very puzzled... Maybe he's thinking: "Where have the trees gone?"

  3. We usually see hedgehogs in our garden, but I haven't seen one this year.

  4. Oh, I've been reading about hedgehogs in the UK. They are adorable. We only have scary-sounding things in the night here. Poor Birch was sent out to prowl around with a flashlight last night to make sure the cat was nowhere near the animal shrieking at weird intervals.

    Enjoy your hedgie!