Sunday 3 October 2010

Home-made Tomato Ketchup

This week we have been working our way through our home-made tomato ketchup and it is just delicious. Our tomato plants were over flowing with tomatoes so last weekend our Little Garden Helpers took their baskets outside and picked them all for us. They then washed them themselves, having a great time but creating something akin to a flood in our kitchen. Garden Girl also spotted all the ones that had gone a bit too squishy to use while Garden Boy sent them rolling over the table and floor. Then we popped them in a pan with a small bit of oil and cooked them enough to preserve them for the following day when Garden Dad used Jamie Oliver's recipe for Tomato Ketchup (to be found in his book 'Jamie at Home' which is my favourite recipe book) to make the delicious treat.

The recipe made about a litre of tomato ketchup but it won't last long.We are all enjoying it with our meals and Garden Boy just dips his finger in it, not bothering with the rest of the food on his plate until he has finished his blob of ketchup. We have been so impressed with this recipe we are not making chutney at all this year but will even be using our green tomatoes to make a second batch of this, which is sure to be an even bigger delight for Garden Boy given that his favourite colour is green.

If you want to try the recipe for yourselves you can find it on Jamie's website here:


  1. The home-made tomato ketchup looks so delicious.Thanks for the link. I hope in another few months our now baby tomato plants will give us some produce enough to make home-made tomato ketchup.

  2. My sister Anne recommended this site to me. I've just been reading it for a while. It's charming and has such wonderful ideas!
    - Abby Connors (yahoo name stoppymcstop), preschool teacher, NJ, USA