Thursday 21 October 2010

Dawn Porter and Our Little Garden Helpers Talk Potatoes

I was recently asked to take a look at the website
and in particular at the video showing Dawn Porter making her favourite potato recipe. It didn't take much to peek my interest, as top of my list of garden tasks this month is to dig up our root crops, which for us will hopefully include an abundance of potato treasure lying beneath the earth.

So what is it all about? Well, Dawn Porter carried out a 28-day Potato Challenge on behalf of the Potato Council in order to get people eating more potatoes. The concept behind the challenge was to show people how versatile and easy to use potatoes are, so each day Dawn followed a healthy eating plan that incorporated potatoes in some form or another. And so that she could share all the delicious recipes she was cooking with everyone Dawn made a video blog of her challenge which can be viewed if you follow the link above.

Now we all love potatoes in our house, in all their forms and we use them regularly in our meals, however there are loads of new ideas on the website and some really tasty sounding recipes which we will definitely be trying out as we start to harvest our own potatoes. Take a look. Many of them are very quick and easy to try so you have nothing to lose. 

There are also some fun kids potato recipes on the website but, having watched Dawn Porter over at the Ultimate Potato Website we decided to make a mini video potato blog of our own. The short film starts in the garden and ends with a delicious and simple meal of salmon with potato and carrot cakes. The recipe was based around the vegetables we had in the garden and was designed to be fun for children to make themselves, so I hope you enjoy our own little video 'Potatoes' starring Garden Girl and Garden Boy.

We all emptied our plates in record time and our Little Garden Helpers are keen to cook up some more dishes with the potatoes that still need to be harvested. So do join us with a big thumbs up for the humble potato and go and take a look at the Love Potatoes website.

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