Sunday 6 December 2009

Winter Sun

Our Christmas trees are up and they look fabulous. We also made our mince pies and ate them all. We even started to wrap some presents although there are more to wrap. The sun however is shining today, despite an early morning 'bucket it down', so after we have finished indulging in some festive chocolate we are heading outdoors to enjoy the winter sun. There are some vegetables to harvest for a winter stew tonight and there is some more newspaper to lay out over all the bare soil to keep the weeds at bay. It seems like such a long time since we were all outside enjoying the garden in the sunshine we will make the most of it. And if we are lucky we will spot our friend the Robin enjoying the sunshine too, to complete what has been a lovely festive start to Christmas.


  1. Oh how lovley to have sun, we are going to havest a few veg, but the grown is far to wet to walk on

  2. Christmas trees - plural! How many. I'm imagining a forest!