Wednesday 9 December 2009

Mouldy Herbs and Yummy Cabbage

I left all the herbs we planted a while back in the airing cupboard for a bit too long and some of them now have a white furry mould on them. I had forgotton that the airing cupboard would be a lot warmer at this time of year because the heating is on a lot more, so although the plants were in there for the same amount of time as in spring the extra heat had its effect.

The plants are now sitting on the sideboard in our bedroom, leaning towards the window for as much sunlight as they can get and I have been trying to spray the mould away but it is determined to stay put. Still, most of the plants seem to be growing, so I am hoping for the best at this stage.

Just like these herbs our cabbages didn't get the best start back in spring when they were somewhat munched, but with a bit of attention they grew back well and at the weekend we tucked heartily into our first homegrown cabbage. It had so much more flavour than the shop bought ones, I really hope we can find a bit more space to grow more next year. I am now really looking forward to our Brussels Sprouts on Christmas Day. If they taste as good as the cabbage they might even beat the roast potatoes!

1 comment:

  1. Mould... sounds like Met Mum had a go at the plants. This happens to me quite frequently.
    I didn't plant anything for winter. Is it too late to do it now?