Friday 18 December 2009

It Was Just sNOw Fun

Garden Girl and Garden Boy are defrosting from our brief adventure into the snow. It wasn't the fun and frolics I was hoping for. Garden Boy hated it.

All morning both Garden Boy and Garden Girl had their noses pressed up at the window in wonder at the white world that appeared over night. They brought me their boots while I was still eating breakfast and Garden Girl would have been outside before the sun was even up had she been allowed. 'It is too cold' I told her 'we have to wait for the sun'. This caused her concern that the snow would melt before she had a chance to build a snowman but I assured that there was far too much snow for that to happen and if she waited for the sun to warm up she would enjoy being outside for longer. By the time we were ready to head out doors, warm and snug in extra layers of clothes, hats and gloves they were both hugely excited and they couldn't get outside fast enough.

Garden Girl took giant steps through the snow making footprints all around the garden while Garden Boy just cried. The moment his wellies first sank into the snow the tears started to fall. I held his hand and tried to encourage him to take a step but that made it worse and in the end I took him inside and sat him on the sofa so he could watch us build a snowman. Garden Girl was disappointed that this meant she would have to build her snowman on the patio rather than the grass but eagerly started to mound the snow. Garden Boy eventually thought he might try again and brought his boots to the window for a second go. This time he managed to happily walk to the mound of snow and even lift up a handful of snow to help out but then he tottered on his feet and the crying started again. This time it didn't stop and eventually we all had to abandon the snowman to go back inside with Garden Boy.

We now have half a snowman in the garden with one eye and two stick arms. Garden Girl is convinced it will melt away quickly because it wasn't finished and is hoping the snow will still be around tomorrow when Garden Dad will be at home to help. Then at least I can stay indoors with Garden Boy to keep him entertained while Garden Girl gets to build a snowman with two eyes, a nose and mouth! In the meantime I think I'll have to cheer them both up with yet more baking. Maybe snowman biscuits will be more successful than the real thing!


  1. Snow in the wellies? Upset because there's no mud or puddles to stomp in? Is it the cold? Could he sit in the wheelbarrow and watch, where the nasty snow can't get him?

    If he agrees (hmm...) try and get a snow-welly picture for your banner at the top. Just a seasonal variation...

  2. Oh! so sorry to hear of garden boy's snow upset. Did you get a picture as proof for the future, when you tell him this story?

  3. To be honest, the moment snow falls, all I can think is 'it'll all end in tears'. Never been wrong yet!