Friday 14 January 2011

Safety First

Last Sunday everyone was very eager to get outside and help Garden Dad saw wood and fit together the pieces to make a retaining wall for the lawn. Conscious of the fact that Garden Lass will soon be toddling around in a wobbly kind of way, our priority for the garden is to make the drop at the end of the lawn safe. This involves fixing wood along the bottom of the lawn to hold it all in place in the same way that we made the raised beds. Then we will need to build some steps, so we can all climb safely down from the lawn to the raised bed area. Finally, a small fence will be built to stop toddling/running children falling off the edge.

Armed with her own tool kit Garden Girl was the first to join Garden Dad and she helped him measure and line up the long pieces of wood. Garden Boy was a little slower to make it outside, due to the familiar daily routine of him running around, naked from the waist down, while I wearily ask him, for the hundredth time, if he could please put his pants on. One day I think I will have to let him outdoors pantless just so he understands that he really will be very cold without them. But, eventually he realised he was missing out and, with pants on, he finally made it outdoors.

It was a little bit too cold for Garden Lass to sit and watch the fun in the garden so until she settled for her nap I stayed indoors. But when Garden Lass was contentedly dreaming, I joined everyone else in the garden and harvested some of the winter vegetables for dinner. I also did a little bit of general clearing up and I couldn't help but notice that the frosts and snow hadn't deterred the weeds, so I have made a mental note to pull them up as soon as possible. I am determined to get them before they take over this year. All the hard work last weekend however was carried out by Garden Dad and his two eager helpers, with more planned the weekend ahead.

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