Wednesday 19 January 2011


Garden Dad worked really hard at the weekend, cutting all the wood to size and building the final raised bed and the edge to our seating area. He worked through the cold and the drizzle, but it was worth it, because all the posts have been concreted in and this coming weekend we will be able to spread out the mound of soil in the middle of our lawn and make the ground more even. We will also fill in the post holes and hopefully get the weed fabric laid down over all the pathways. It is really very exciting because I can see that this year we will not only have a productive vegetable garden but one that will be nice to sit in and wander around.

The plan is to have two seating areas in each of the bottom corners of the garden; one with a large bench for us and one with a smaller bench or some stools for the children. They will have the shadier area, so they can stay out of the sun when they break from their play for a snack and drink, while we will have the evening sun to enjoy a glass of wine amongst the growing vegetables.

The next big decision for us is what the little fence will look like along the bottom of the lawn. How high should it be and should we have gates at the top of the steps? We both have different ideas on this, but one thing we both agree on is that we still want to be able to see the vegetable garden from our window so the fence should be low or have gaps between each slat. I think it is probably time to look through the garden catalogues, with paper and pencils to draw some plans and fingers crossed it will all become clearer!

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