Monday 13 June 2011

Water Fight!

Having had a week away and then a very busy week on our return, not least because we had to build two pirate ships for Garden Boy's third birthday (one playmobil and one chocolate cake), the garden has not had much attention. So yesterday, despite the rain, Garden Dad hid our Little Garden Helpers under raincoats and they all headed outdoors to pull up weeds and plant out the french beans which were tangled around each other and were really quite deperate to be in the ground.

I don't suppose the rain mattered too much given that Garden Boy was trying out his new water gun which can fire water the length of our garden. I have a feeling everyone would have been soaked through regardless of the weather. Apart from me, who was sensible enough to stay indoors, although Garden Girl tells me I missed out on a lot of fun and I believe her. I have a feeling the water fight lasted longer than the gardening, given that Garden Dad was back out in the rain after the children were tucked up cosy in bed and there are still some French Beans waiting to be planted!

And for anyone wanting to make a Pirate Ship Birthday Cake, we took the basic idea from here

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