Tuesday 5 April 2011

I Wish...

... I had a potting shed, so that on wet, rainy days I could still sow seeds and re-pot seedlings. Then I could sit on a chair in the doorway with a hot cup of coffee, looking out at my garden, breathing in the scents and watching the rain drops.

... Or any kind of shed to store our garden tools. That way I would not have to navigate the obstacle course in our garage everytime I want another pot or a tool.

... I had a bigger greenhouse. And maybe a second one - one would be heated, the other not, so I had better control of the temperature for seedlings.

... I had a very flat, luscious lawn so we could play croquet without our balls rolling down a hill or bending away from the hoop at the last moment, (although I am told that is part of the challenge of garden croquet).

... I had better soil. The best soil in fact, that has no large stones or clay in it. Soft, dark brown luscious loam please.

... I had a bigger vegetable patch, a bigger lawn, a bigger patio and additonal space for an orchard, a secret flower garden and hidden nooks and crannies.

... I had a garden that was not overlooked by sycamore trees, casting shade on my veggies and sending down thousands of seeds to make more work.

... I had a multitude of different birds visiting the gardens but with none of them eating our seeds, uprooting our onions or eating our cabbages.

and yet...

... I love our garden!

It is filled with all our hard work and so many happy memories. Everything we have built up in our garden we have done ourselves, with the help of our little garden helpers and despite all the things I wish I had, our garden is amazing.

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